Appearance of Landslide in Brebes

BNPB flied a drone to portray landslide coverage in Pasir Panjang Village, Salem, Brebes, Jawa Tengah. Crown crack is identified locates at Gununglio hill where trees coverage at surface. Trees grow closely. There is no settlement at upstream while paddy field is at the bottom ground.


The wide of crown is about 120 meters. Transverse crack reaches up to 1 km. Main body of the landslide is around 5 -20 meters. Volume of material reaches 1,5 million meters cubic.  


The landslide was triggered by some factors, such as steep slope, structure of land which is loose soil and crumb, rocks at below surface as well heavy rain. It was pure a natural disaster. 


Such mountainous area coverage by trees are possibly experienced landslide. Moreover, if it were barren and rare vegetation, it would be easy to experience landslide. 


Until day 4 on February 25, 2018 as many as 750 Joint SAR personnel are conducting SAR operation. BPBD reported 7 people dead and 13 missing, 5 hospitalized in public hospitals/clinics, and 984 people evacuated due to the landslide in Brebes. A day before, the command post had reported that 9 people killed that 7 were already identified and 2 more were unidentified yet. However, number of dead agreed was 7 people. Some pieces of body’s victims are unidentified and preserved in RSU Brebes. DNA test is still on-going process.


Evacuation process was obstacle by potential landslide due to heavy rain, harsh terrain, and limited heavy equipment.


Sutopo Purwo Nugroho

Head of Data, Information and Public Relations Centre BNPB

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