SAR Operations in Brebes Dismissed, 11 Killed and 7 Missing

Search and rescue operation for victims of landslide in Pasir Panjang Village, Salem Sub-district, Brebes Regency, Jawa Tengah was dismissed by the joint SAR Team. According to a procedure, SAR operation is conducted within 7 days. More than 7 days, condition of the victim will be defective and endanger safety of SAR. Due to the reason, the victims of Brebes landslide until Wednesday (28/2) as many as 11 people killed, 7 missing and 4 still treated in a hospital.


Before the operation was dismissed, heirs of the seven victims missing in Pasir Panjang agreed that the operation would dismissed on Wednesday (28/2). The agreement was taken after they discussed closely with Basarnas, Dandim, Kapolres, BPBD and Brebes Regent on Wednesday night (27/2). The heirs have accepted wholeheartedly their family members that could not be found. 


As many as 400 joint SAR members (TNI, Police, Basarnas, BPBD, PMI, volunteers and other organizations) has returned to their base on Thursday afternoon (28/2). Afterwards, BPBD Brebes coordinated with local authorities and local residents removed muds that endanger the local residents. 


Harsh terrains with mud rises to 20 meters and cover wide area as well weather condition obstacles for SAR operation. It means that natural condition is the main challenge.


Landslide also occurred in Blok Lempang, Reco Sub village, Reco, Kertek, Wonosobo, Jawa Tengah on February 28, 2018 at 08.45 WIB. The landslide occurred during a sunny day. Affected field were on land with steep slope and seasonal crops.

During that time, 2 farmers working in the field were resting under bamboo trees. Suddenly, thunderous sound came. They tried to evacuate. One person escaped (Arifin, 26) and the other was buried (Nugroho H, 25).


Personel from BPBD, TNI, Police, Muspika assisted by volunteers and local residents evacuate the victim. Around at 14.00 local time the victim was successfully evacuated in dead condition.


Meanwhile, flood hit 10 sub-districts in Lampung Tengah Regency on February 26, 2018. Flood has been subsided and left mud and damages. Heavy rain triggered 4 rivers overflowed, i.e. Way Seputih, Way Pengubuan, Way Tipo, and Way Tatayan. The flood inundated 10 sub-districts Gunung Sugih, Seputih Agung, Bumiratu Nuban, Way Pengubuan, Bekri, Bandar Mataram, Seputih Banyak, Terbanggibesar, Bandarsurabaya, and Seputih Mataram. Impact of the flood killed 6 people. 458 families and hundred of houses inundated such as in Kampung Goras Jaya 276 HH, Kampung Sinar Banten 161 HH, Kampung Kesuma Jaya 12 HH and Kampung Kesumadadi 9 HH. Emergency response is still being conducted.


Local residents are encouraged to enhance alertness towards flood, landslide and tornado. Potential rain is still high so that it can trigger disaster.


Sutopo Purwo Nugroho

Head of Data, Information and Public Relations Center

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