Tasks and Functions of BNPB

BNPB Missions

  1. Provide guidance and direction on disaster management efforts, which include disaster prevention, emergency response, rehabilitation and reconstruction in a fair and equal manner;
  2. Establish standardization and implementation needs for disaster management, based on legislation;
  3. Delivering information on disaster management activities to the community;
  4. Report the implementation of disaster management to the President every once a month in normal conditions and at all times in disaster emergency conditions;
  5. Utilize and hold responsible for national and international donations/assistance;
  6. Responsible for budget use that received from State Budget;
  7. Implementing other obligations in accordance with laws and regulations; and
  8. Composing guidelines for the establishment of Regional Disaster Management Agencies.

BNPB Functions

Formulating and establishing disaster management and refugee handling policies, by acting quick, precise, effective, and efficient; and Coordinating the implementation of disaster management activities in a planned, integrated and comprehensive manner.