Flooding is a disaster that often occurs in the territory of Indonesia. Flood disasters caused by hydro-meteorological factors always increase every year. Although sometimes it does not cause many casualties, this disaster still damages infrastructure, and significantly disrupts the community's economic stability.


Flood characteristics are very diverse. Floods can be caused by high rainfall without adequate soil absorption, or can occur in the form of sea water flooding, or flash floods. Therefore, we must be prepared to anticipate every type of flood disaster.


What must be done before a flood occurs

  1. Pay attention to the height of your house, from buildings that are prone to flooding.

  2. Elevate the electrical panel.

  3. Contact the authorities, if a barrier wall is built around your area.

What Must be Done in The Event of a Disaster

a). If a flood will occur in your area:
  • Checkout Information from the Radio about the flood information
  • Be aware of floods that will hit. If a flash flood occurs, move immediately to a higher place; do not wait for instructions regarding the direction to move
  • Be aware of undercurrent, waterways, puddles, and other place that are flooded, flash flood can occur in this place with or without warning during normal or heavy rain
b). If you must prepare for evacuation :
  • Secure your home. If time is still available, place furniture outside the house. More valuable items are placed on the higher part of the house.\
  • Turn off all electricity network if there are instructions from the authorities. Unplug devices that are still connected to electricity. Do not touch electrically charge equipment when u stand on water
c). If you have to live home :
  • Do not walk in water flow. Some steps to walk in the water flow can cause you to fall
  • If you have to walk in water, walk on stationary footing. Use a stick or similar to check the density of your stand
  • Dont drive a car in a flooded area. If the water start to rise, ignore the car and go to the higher place, if not, you and the car be swept away by the flood current quickly