Emergency Response to Lombok Intensified, 131 Dead  

Entering the third day  after magnitude 7 earthquake that struck Nusa Tenggara Barat, on 5 August 2018, at 18.46 WIB, emergency response operations are being intensified. The number of personnel, logistic assistance, and heavy equipment as well as aid distribution are increasing. Joint SAR team have conducted search and rescue operation of victims still trapped under collapsing buildings. For evacuation, the joint SAR team are deploying 14 heavy equipoments, 4 tracking dogs, in addition to personnel from Basarnas, TNI, Polri, BPBD, and volunteers. 

Until Wednesday (8/8/2018) at 13.00 WIB, the number of fatalities due to the earthquake in NTB and Bali is now at 131 dead. In addition 1,477 are injured and hospitalised, 156,003 displaced, 42,239 houses damaged and 458 school buildings damaged. This number may increase, as not all data have been collected. In addition, not all victims have been recovered by the Joint SAR team.  

 The Lombok Utara regency is the worst affected area. Of the 131 fatalities, 78 fatalities are from Lombok Utara, 24 from Lombok Barat, 19 from Lombok Timur, 6 from the city of Mataram, 2 from Lombok Tengah and 2 from the city of Denpasar. 

In the social media, the number of victims were much higher. In fact, the meeting between head of sub-regencies of Lombok Utara mentioned 347 fatalities. In this regard, the BNPB command post and EOC of the BPBD NTB are still verifying the number. Report on casualties must be compete with information about the identity of the victims, including name, age, gender, and address, before the information can be considered valid. This is because the government will give allowance to the family of the victims. 

BNPB and the BPBD of NTB have requested the Regent of Lombok Utara to provide list of victims in the Lombok Utara regency for further verification. In accordance to the existing regulation, official data of victims will be the data from BNPB and BPBD.  

Number of displaced people also continue to rise. At the moment, there are about 156,003 displaced people in Lombok Utara, 29,195 in Lombok Timur, 39,599 in Lombok Barat, and 31,819 in the city of Mataram. This number may rise as data collection is still ongoing. This also means the needs of the displaced population continue to rise. The TNI, Polri, Tagana, SKPD, BPBD of Jawa Tengah, NGO, and the community are establishing public kitchen and field kitchen to accommodate the needs. About 100MT of rice have been dispatched from the logistics warehouse by the Social Affairs Agency and BPBD of NTB. Volunteers are helping the distribution of assistance using various means of transportation, in particular to isolated areas and other areas that are yet to receive assistance. More than 200 vehicles are transporting basic logistics for the displaced community, such as food and nutrition, mineral water, blankets, mats, clothings, and others, taken from the warehouse of the BPBD of NTB at 8 August 2018. 

Evacuation of victims continue. Basarnas with TNI, Polri and SAR volunteers continue to evactuate victims from collapsed buildings, such as the Jabbal Nur Mosque at the Dusun Lading-lading, Tanjung village, Tanjung sub-regency, Lombok Utara regency. Also in the Puskesmas (Community Health Care building) Tanjung at Tanjung sub-regency, Lombok Utara regency, as well as the Jamiul Jamaah mosque at Bangsal village, Pemenang sub-regency, Lombok Utara regency, and other areas too.  

The Ministry of Health, together with TNI, Polri, the Provincial Health Agency, and volunteers are providing health and medical services to victims. The Armed Forces hospital ship KRI dr. Soeharso  is anchoring in Lombok Utara (since 7 August 2018 at 19.45 WIB) to provide medical assistance. The hospital ship Prabu Airlangga is on the way to Lombok Utara. Field hospitals are operational in Lombok Timur, they are Batalyon Kesehatan 1 hospital, in addition to two field hospitals in Lombok Utara, Batalyon Kesehatan 2 field hospital managed by the Marine and Kostra. General hospital and community health centres that are still functioning  also provide health and medical services as well. 

Thirteen teams from the State Electronic Company continue to work to recover electricity in the affected area. Electricity is back to Tanjung sub-regency, Lombk Utara. Repair works in Tanjung to Pemenang at Lombok Utara was done between 2 – 3 days. The Ministry of Public Works and Housing are working to create drill wells, sanitation facilities, as well as toilets and showers. 


Intensive efforts continuing to help the affected communities.  As many as 332 aftershocks still continue until 8 August 2018, at 16.00 WITA.  Of the 332 afterschocks, 17 were between magnitude 3 to 5.6. This is natural.  Minor earthquakes with smaller intensity will normally follow a major earthquake. The public should remain calm, and not to be affected by hoax or misleading information. 

Sutopo Purwo Nugroho

Head of Data Information and Public Relations Centre BNPB

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