Within 2 Months, 513 Disasters Occurred in 2018

Number of disaster is increasing within 2 months. In January 2018 until Februari 2018, number of disasters is 513. Hydro meteorology disasters are dominant such as tornadoes 182, flood 157, landslide 137, land and forest fire 15, flood and landslide 10, tidal wave and abrasion 7, earthquake 3 and volcano eruption 2.


The disasters have impacts 72 people dead and missing, 116 injured and more than 393 thousand evacuated and suffered. As many as 12.104 houses are damaged, covering 1.566 categorized heavy damaged, 3.141 moderate and 7.397 light damaged. Besides, around 127 educational building facilities are damaged, 123 religious places and 13 public health facilities are damaged. It is estimated that losses is up to trillion rupiah.


From the total number of death, most killed victims are caused by landslide. It is recorded that 45-people dead and missing due to this disaster, while flood with 18 people, tornado 6, flood and landslide 2 and earthquake 1.


Landslide is a type of disaster that is the deadliest disaster since 2014 until today. Around 40,9 million people in Indonesia are exposed to potential landside with category moderate to high. The people who are distributed living in mountainous and steep places have less ability to mitigate the potential hazard. During rainy season, landslide is frequently potential. Landslide that is categorized as small incident may killed people who live in a house.


Landslide occurred uncertainty. It is difficult to be detected and predicted when it will occur. Even though land is identified moving, there is a crack with width 50 centimeter and length hundred meter, it may not experience landslide. Local residents initiate to evacuate. But as they already evacuate, the landslide does not occur even it will take months that finally they return back to their house and work in field as usual.


Meanwhile, flood prone area is getting wide. An area that is previously identified no potential flood gradually it has flood potential. Anthropogenic factor is very dominant comparing to natural factors. Massive deforestation, critical land, environmental degradation, river degradation, weak spatial implementation, still low disaster awareness and others have caused increased vulnerability.


It is necessary to recover the environment. Disaster risk reduction must be invested towards development and part of our living. Unfortunately, disaster risk reduction is still less implemented in daily living.


Public is encouraged to enhance preparedness towards potential hazards, such as flood, landslide, and tornado. Potential rain during March 2018 is still high. According to BMKG prediction, rainfall with high intensity may occur in central to eastern part of Jawa Barat, Jawa Tengah, DIY and Jawa Timur. Land condition is saturated so that it easily getting flood and landslide. On the opposite situation, some areas closing and along the equator such as Riau, Sumatera Utara, Kalimantan Barat and Kalimantan Tengah will be getting dried so that it may trigger forest and land fire. While, an earthquake may occur at any time.


Therefore, public should be alert. Identify environment surrounds us. Disaster may occur at any time.


Sutopo Purwo Nugroho

Head of Data, Information and Public Relations Centre BNPB

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