91 People Perished Due to 7 Richter Scale Earthquake on NTB, Assistance Pouring in

The Joint Search and Rescue team continue to search the areas affected by earthquake to conduct evacuation, rescue and provision of assistance to the victims of 7 M earthquake at the Nusa Tenggara Barat province. Temporary data indicate that until 6 August 2018, 10 WIB, 91 people lost their lives, 209 injured, thousands of people evacuated, and thousands of houses damaged. The numbers of victims and damages are expected to continue to rise. Government officials still continue to collect data.  


Of the 91 death, 72 deaths are coming from Lombok Utara regency, 4 deaths from the city of Mataram, 2 from Lombok Timur, 2 from Lombok Tengah, 9 from Lombok Barat, and 2 from Bali. Most lost their lives due to collapsed buildings. All mortalities are Indonesian citizens. No report yet on tourists who lost their lives due to the earthquake. 


Lombok Utara is the worst affected area due to its proximity to the epicentre. Damages to houses and buildings are widespread. Some houses, already damaged by the previous quake, 6.4 Richter scale quake on 29 July 2018, experience more severe damage and collapsed due to the 7 Magnitude shake.  Officials in Lombok Utara regency reported that in some sub-regencies such as Bayan, Kayangan, Gangga, Tanjung, and Pemenang, more than 50% of houses have been damaged. That means a lot of damaged houses. Data collection is still ongoing. 


Thousands of displaced people are spread out. Not all displaced people have received assistance. Some IDPs are still holding on to the open fields close to their homes or staying in their own backyard, as self-voluntary evacuees. Provision of assistance were hampered by the limited availability of heavy equipment, a large affected area, unstable electricity connection in Lombok Utara and Lombok Timur, disruption to communication line, damaged bridges in three locations: the Tampes bridge, the Lokok Tampes bridge and the luk bridge, which impact the accessibility of the area, limited availability of logistics, and others. 


Provision of assistance is still ongoing. Emergency period for the NTB province, Lombok Utara sub-regency, and Lombok Utara sub-regency,has been extended to 11 August 2018. Mobilisation of additional personnel and logistics support continues. BNPB already sent 21NT of logistics supplies and equipment. BNPB deploy two helicopters for the emergency response. The TNI dispatch 3 C-130 Hercules aircraft to help move the health taskforces, including medicinal supplies, logistics, tents, and communication devices to the affected areas. The dr. Suharso battleship departed from Surabaya to Lombok to provide medical assistance. BASARNAS send personnel, helicopters, boats, and equipment to enhance the SAR operation. POLRI send personnel, medical teams and supplies, and 2 helicopters. The Ministry of Tourism activate the Crisis Center Team to monitor the condition of tourists. The Ministry of Public Workshops and Housing are moving heavy equipments, and provide support for clean water and sanitation. Other Ministries and NGOs also send personnel and aid. 


Urgent needs at the moment are provision of food and nutrition, including ready to eat meals, mineral water, clean water, tents, tarpaulins, mats, blankets, clothings, nutritious food, trauma healing service, public kitchen, medicines, health services, and other basic needs. 


Sutopo Purwo Nugroho

Head of Data, Information and Public Relations Centre BNPB

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