Five Heavy Vehicles Deployed to Search Victims of Brebes Landslide, 11 Dead and 7 Missing

Until the day 4 of emergency response, search and rescue operation in Pasir Panjang Village, Salem, Brebes is still being conducted by the joint SAR team. On Sunday 25/2 as many as 400 personnel of SAR from TNI, Police BPBD, Basarnas, Red Cross, Tagana, volunteer and community conduct search and rescue operation. To support the operation, five heavy vehicles were deployed in field. Kodim Commander 0713/Brebes as incident commander leads the operation in the field.


Based on the command post, so far it is identified 11 people killed, 7 missing and 4 people being treated in a hospital and a clinic. Meanwhile 4 people survives who were previously reported missing. Besides that, SAR team also found pieces of victim’s body and DVI team identified the evidence.


Following are victims already identified:

(Founded dead and identified)

1.Hj. Kadini (F, 66), Pasirpanjang (TKP, 22-2-2018).

2. Casto (M, 48), Bentarsari (TKP, 22-2-2018).

3. Wati (F, 80), Pasirpanjang (TK, 22-2-2018).

4. Radam (M, 59), Cikokol /Bantarkawung, (TKP, 22-2-2018).

5. Kiswan/Tewol (M, 45) Pasirpanjang (TKP, 22-2-2018).

6. Wartinah (F, 46) Ciputih (TKP, 23-2-2018).

7.Carki (F, 53) Pasirpanjang (RSU Majenang).

8. Sarmah (F, 60) Pasirpanjang (TKP, 24-2-2018).

9. Turkiah (F, 44) Pasirpanjang (TKP 25-2-2018).

10. Rasminah (F) Pasirpanjang.

11.Casti (F, 58) Pabuaran.


List of missing people:

1. Marsui (M) Pasirpanjang.

2. Suwirso (M) Pasirpanjang.

3. Haryanto (M) Pasirpanjang.

4. Wastim Wahyu (M, 48) Pasirpanjang.

5. Darsip (F) Desa Pasirpanjang.

6. Rustam Rusyadi (M) Bentar.

7.Sujono (M, 57) Pasirpanjang.


Hospitalized in Public Hospital/clininc:

1.Windi Yuliani (F, 19) Bentar  (RSU Margono).

2 Turti  (F, 46) Pasirpanjang (Puskesmas Bentar).

3. Watira (F, 50) Pasirpanjang (Puskesmas Bentar).

4. Minarto (M, 50) (Puskesmas Bentar).


Survivors who previously reported missing:

1.Daswa (M) Pasirpanjang.

2. Ajid (M) Bentar.

3. Tarsinah (F, 54) Pasirpanjang.

4. Kuswanto (M, 60) Pasirpanjang.


Meanwhile, emergency response in Losari sub district, Brebes is still being conducted. Flood is already subsided. Recently the flood still inundates paddy fields and some settlement. Transportation both vehicles and trains has worked. 


As many as 350 personnel (TNI, Police, BPBD, Agency of Cisanggarung River of Public Works, volunteers, local community) are working for repairing river dam with 6-meter-wide and 60-meter-long while in Babakan sub-village, Bojongsari, with 6-meter-wide and 25-meter long. Three victims from Losari have not been found, i.e. Mutiah (50) from Bojongsari, Ani (32) Bojongsari, and Nita (8) Kecipir.


It is reported that the survivors have already returned back to their houses. Water level has been subsided.


Minister of BNPB Willem Rampangilei presented in disaster zone and delivered some direction for accelerating the response. BNPB keeps giving assistance to BPBD, both finance, logistic, and management. On call budget amount Rp 300 million has been distributed to BPBD Brebes for emergency response and as well logistic support.


Public is encouraged to enhance preparedness towards potential flood and landslide. BMKG has reported early warning related with weather condition within the next three days. Soil condition has been saturated so this condition possibly triggers flood and landslide. Prepare as early as possible, prepare for personal safety gears such as cloth, blanket, food, drink, personal drugs, flashlight, and other. These items should be carried for anticipating potential disaster.


Sutopo Purwo Nugroho

Kepala Pusat Data Informasi dan Humas BNPB.

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